The #HangoverMakeup Trend That's Taking Instagram By Storm 4 years ago

The #HangoverMakeup Trend That's Taking Instagram By Storm

Ok we're confused - we thought we were trying to HIDE our under-eye bags?! 

Nope - not according to the latest makeup trend sweeping Japan. And if it's in Japan now - you can guarantee it will land on our shores eventually.

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The 'Hangover Makeup' look is all about accentuating your under-eye circles, puffiness and redness. Yes, you read that right.

The niche trend is known in Japan as 'byojaku' or 'sickly' and can be seen plastered all over magazine covers and social media sites on the other side of the globe.

Image via Instagram/iamfurfer

With new makeup trends come tutorials. This lady explains how to "create red-rimmed eyes" in order to achieve the sickly look.

A beauty trend that makes you look like you've had too much wine?

Emm... we think we have this one covered without needing any makeup.

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