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The kitchen staple that will cut your blow-dry time in half
This is GENIUS.

This hair hack is about to make life so much easier.

I have SO much hair and after one too many times battling with the hairdryer, I went in search of a way to cut down on the time it takes to get this mane under control.

While I knew that taking the wet out of my locks pre-blowdry was essential, I had no idea that there was an easier way to do this than just using a plain old towel.

After spending far too long on Pinterest, I discovered that numerous people have tried paper towels to cut blow-dry time and it actually works.

Kitchen paper

Paper towels soak up the water faster than a towel does so when you go to blow-dry, you won't have to spend as long blast-drying your hair.


Not only that, rubbing with a towel is likely to break the cuticles of your hair while paper towels absorb water without doing any damage.

I'm now ridiculously happy about the fact that there's a very simple way to speed up the blow-drying process.

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