The Office Party Make-Up Rules You Need To Know About This Christmas 7 years ago

The Office Party Make-Up Rules You Need To Know About This Christmas

It’s hard to remember to keep everything in moderation over the festive season but your make-up is the one area you need to keep in check, espeically during your office party.

Wearing a full face of slap is always a no-no at 9am in the morning, especially in the office so simplicity is key – stick to your normal neautral base and add metallic touches or a bright statement lip just before you leave in the evening. 

And if in doubt, just refer to this list... if you follow these beauty commadments you can't go wrong!

Oompa Loompa:

There’s nothing like a subtle bronze glow but If you don’t usually fake tan or have never tried a DIY job, the night before your Chirstmas party is most defiinitely not the time to start experimenting! We guarantee you’ll end up looking like an oompa loompa, your hands will be bright orange and to top it all off you’ll stink to high heaven. We say embrace your natually paler skin and invest in a nice pair of tights instead!

Shiny Disco Ball:

It’s Christmas people, not Halloween so it’s important to remember this as you glam up in the office loo. Glitter is everywhere and a hint of the twinkly stuff on eyes, nails or lips is ok but not all at once! And whatever you do, avoid going for a red and green theme on your face... you won’t look festive or jolly, you’ll just look like the crazy elf that got away.

Bag Lady:

Ever had a shock when you see pictures of yourself at the end of the night and think ‘how the hell did my makeup end up lookig like that?’ It’s probably because you hauled your entire bag of slap into the loo with you and spent half the night re-applying your liner and lippie to drag queen proportions. The only items you need to pop in your clutch are some powder and lipstick for one or two touch-ups.