The skincare tip you'll want to follow before your next flight 2 years ago

The skincare tip you'll want to follow before your next flight

If you're clued up on skincare, you're sure to be aware of the importance of using SPF on a daily basis.

Sunlight can prematurely age the skin and by neglecting SPF you're leaving your skin open to all sorts of damage.

This might sound dramatic but when this advice comes from an expert, we're going to adhere to it.


One scenario where you might think you would be okay going without SPF is on a plane, mainly because you're not under direct sunlight.

However, flying without SPF can negatively impact on your skin as you're much closer to the sun and its ultraviolet rays.

This is particularly important for people who fly regularly, a point noted by dermatologist Dr. Harold Lancer in an interview with Marie Claire.

"If you fly 20,000+ miles in a year, it is an absolute must to wear sunscreen when you fly because of the UV radiation caused by elevation.

"If you don't, your skin will age prematurely and fine lines and wrinkles will be much more visible earlier on."


Dr Lancer says that it's advisable to wear at least SPF15 and if possible, SPF 30 with UVA/UVB protection and to regularly reapply to your face, neck, shoulders and chest.