This expert tip is a gamechanger for concealing acne 3 years ago

This expert tip is a gamechanger for concealing acne

 Finally, a much-sought after solution.

If you've ever experienced cystic acne, you'll know how painful it can be, not to mention the fact that it's practically impossible to conceal.


Those large, tender, red painful bumps can crop up when you least expect them and as makeup pretty much slides off these blemishes, camoflauging is a pain in the a**.

Thankfully, make-up artists have considerable knowledge of this subject and there are a couple of professional tips that should make a massive difference next time you're concealing an absolute crater of a blemish.

Professional MUA Afton Williams spoke to Byrdie about what she recommends when it comes to makeup and cystic acne.

Makeup products to even out skin tone and complexion

A key step is moisturising before makeup as this helps to achieve an "even surface" on which you can apply your base product.

Cystic acne obviously causes a difference in the texture of your skin but applying moisturiser can help to smooth your skin out.

As I've oily skin, moisturiser can be hit and miss for me but after hearing of how it can help with the worst type of acne there is, I'll be more diligent in future.


Another important hack is to pay attention to how you're applying your foundation.

We tend to swipe it on in strokes but if you're trying to conceal certain areas, you need to 'push' it on with your brush, (try a stippling one), and after that, blend, blend, blend.

These tips should come in very handy next time a whopper appears right before a special occasion/major event/general life.