This (Hilarious) Cruel Prank Would Break Us 4 years ago

This (Hilarious) Cruel Prank Would Break Us

We'd have shat ourselves. Easily. 

We’ve all had hairdresser mishaps but nothing as terrifying as this. Cork salon WhatSalon enlisted the help of social media guru James Kavanagh to play this truly cruel prank on two unsuspecting gals.

As cruel as it is, it is also somewhat hilarious.

Telling the poor punters that it’s his first day, James convinces the unsuspecting girls to try his new treatment. Meanwhile an actor feigns the same treatment is causing her scalp to itch and burn. As smoke rises from beneath the actors hair towel, the reaction from the victims is priceless.

We have to say the girls reacted pretty well, we don’t know what we’d have done in their situation.