The Item That Will Fix Any Annoying Manicure Mistakes 6 years ago

The Item That Will Fix Any Annoying Manicure Mistakes

Nail trends are ruling the beauty industry at the moment: from strange bubble shapes to magical mermaid-inspired nails, the list of options is endless.

It's all about aquarium nails...

However, sometimes you just don’t have enough time for all that and you just want a simple manicure you can do yourself at home.


The only problem is it goes outside the lines, nail art looks like a child’s attempt and it chips EVERY SINGLE TIME.

Thankfully, there might be a way around it thanks to one simple (but genius) tip.

There’s a Twitter account called Nail Hacks and according to them, using Elmer’s Glue before applying your nail varnish is the way forward.


It’s a non toxic, washable glue and you simply peel if off with a pair of tweezers after applying your nail varnish which means those horrible cuticle stains are a thing of the past.

A DIY manicure that’s super quick and stain free...we’re sold!

H/T Allure