Three divine Shellac colours to consider for your winter nails 2 years ago

Three divine Shellac colours to consider for your winter nails

'Tis the season...

It's a rite of passage for most women to get a fresh coat of paint for the festive season. You might not get your nails done all year long and then, come winter, it's almost like clockwork that nails turn a festive shade of red with a glitter topcoat. It's just the done thing.


But there's nothing worse than the panic of arriving at a nail salon and being asked: "So, what colour do you want?" All of a sudden, vision goes blurred, the 72 shade colour reel morphs into one dark shade and all of a sudden, we blurt out a colour we didn't even think we'd ever want.


And so, to avoid all misery and panic stations this season, we're bringing you three CND Shellac colours to put on your radar this festive season.

As Shellac now has over 100 shades, here are three we're thinking about for our winter manicures.

Midnight Swim

A stunning alternative to black this season, we love how this colour looks 3D with a mixture of metallic swirling through the paint, attracting the light and plenty of compliments.


Palm Deco

Christmas tree vibes with this one. Again, we're trying to steer away from the traditional red or black nails by opting for another festive colour, green. We love the high shine to this polish too, making our nails looking nothing less than deadly.

Cashmere Wrap

And lastly, a stunning muted tone. Cashmere wrap is one of my favourites and suits every season. Why I especially love it at this time of the year is that with plenty of nights out, the colour works with every outfit. Win, win.


The options are endless.

All images via Pinterest.