This TikTok hack gives your hair instant volume 1 year ago

This TikTok hack gives your hair instant volume

Apparently it does the trick.

Throughout the years, we've all tried various tips and tricks to try and achieve a more voluminous 'do.


We've switched up our shampoos, piled on the product, and plugged in our curling irons all with the aim of getting thicker, bouncier hair.

More recently, beauty bloggers have tried to get a more voluminous up-do by piling two ponies on top of each other, and it sort of worked.

Having said that, the method wasn't completely fool-proof. It only really works if you have long to medium hair to start with. Moreover, when you turn to the side and expose the secret bottom ponytail, the illusion is shattered.

However, a new hair hack has emerged, and several beauty TikTokers are swearing by it.


The trick, which has been popularized by HairTok guru Quinty Mirjam, takes just a few minutes to achieve.

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Before you begin, you'll need a hairdryer, a hair-sectioning clip and some heat protector spray.


Quinty starts her tutorial by parting her hair down the middle. Next, she grabs her clip and pins back the front sections of each side, so that they're in the centre and on top of her head.

While they're in place, she sprays a generous amount of heat protector spray before plugging her hairdryer in.

Quinty then applies some heat from the dryer over the pinned back section of hair for a few minutes.

Finally, she removes the clip, does a full body hair flip, and reaps the results of the hack.


If you're impressed, then it's definitely worth your time to check out Quinty's TikTok profile.

The Dutch blogger has a wealth of hair tips and tricks on her page - from heatless curls to managing your tresses on those in-between wash days.

For more hair hacks, head to her profile right here.