Urban Decay's latest palette is a dream come true for highlighter fans 2 years ago

Urban Decay's latest palette is a dream come true for highlighter fans

Yes please.

From the Naked Petite Heat to the Double Team Special Effect Coloured Mascara and everything in between, Urban Decay has a special place in our make-up loving hearts.

If you're over contouring and obsessed with highlighting, then the beauty brand's newest palette may make your week.

Urban Decay have launched the Sin Afterglow Palette, a combination blush-and-highlighter collection that is small enough to fit in just about any handbag.

Inspired by the classic Sin shade (Urban Decay's best-selling highlighter to date), the six-pan palette has three highlighters and three blushes in the long-lasting Afterglow formula.

The new palette was brought out after the launch of the Afterglow Blush and the Afterglow Highlighter - both of which became firm favourites among makeup fans.

There's three new shades - including the rosy blush Kiss Off and the peachy-gold Spotlight - as well as three holy-grail products from the existing line-up, like the pink-peachy Score and the bronze Paranoid.

The lightweight formula means that the shades can be worn on their own or mixed together to create your own preferred effects.

Easy to blend and super soft, the versatile shades will last up to 8 hours.

The Sin Afterglow Palette (€35) is available now from the Urban Decay on Grafton Street, Debenhams stores across the country, and House of Fraser.