I'm obsessed with the vegan, cruelty-free hair range that just arrived in Ireland 1 year ago

I'm obsessed with the vegan, cruelty-free hair range that just arrived in Ireland

Vegan, cruelty-free and so, SO good.

R+Co is the latest buzz in the beauty industry and I have to say in this case, it's some very-well deserved hype.


I have very thick hair and managing it is a very long, complicated process from washing (serious elbow grease required) to styling. Patience is required - a major pity as it's a virtue I don't have, at all.

However, with the right products and homecare, the frizz is somewhat tamed and that's why I feel it's key to share what I've learned thus far.

I've only recently discovered R+Co, or more specifically, the Atlantis Hydrating range.

The Moisturising B5 Shampoo and Conditioner are enriched with all the good stuff and after only one wash, I noticed a major difference in my locks - winning.


Nettle extract adds shine and tames frizz, a must in my case. Pear Steam (which has high levels of Vitamin E FYI) maintains a healthy scalp, glycerin helps retain moisture and Vitamin B5 adds that intense surge of hydration.

Which basically means silky, shiny hair is yours and as someone who has been searching for the right products for years, I am all over this.



Ireland has its very own R+Co expert too, master stylist Alex Keville who delivers R+Co's creative styling education sessions and seminars.

Although I'm only tried the Atalantis range thus far, there are a couple of other products shaping up to be cult beauty buys, having been listed on many a must-try list.

Vogue magazine, aka iconic fashion bible, credits the Badlands Dry Shampoo as having "amazing texture" and if there's one product that's essential in our beauty bags, it's dry shampoo.

It lengthens the life of your blowdry, saves time on washing your locks and also adds volume and texture - the product that keeps on giving really and we're always on the lookout to try different types.



R+Co founders Garren, Priano and McLaren have recently been joined by another stylist trendsetter Ashley Streitcher with the +Co name a nod to the collaborative mentality where stylists, colourists and industry talent come together to create.

It's new, it's fresh and it's very, very cool. Available in selected stockists nationwide, you're likely to hear a lot more about R+Co in the coming months.