This vegan €2.50 lipgloss from Penneys is a game-changer 1 year ago

This vegan €2.50 lipgloss from Penneys is a game-changer

Lipgloss is back. Officially.

The past year has seen us neglect our lips a little, safe in the knowledge that our masks will save us the effort of dolling them up.


However, as restrictions gradually start to ease, now is as good a time as any to make our lips look glossy, plump and stunning once more.

And so, what better way to mark the return of glam than with a handy lipgloss?

Indeed, lipgloss is having a bit of moment right now and I can understand why. Throughout the pandemic, lipstick sales plummeted. The thought of staining your reusable mask with red lippie was a real fear. Moreover, with a largely empty social calendar, splashing out on a pricey lipstick felt like a bit of a waste.

However, our brief hiatus from lipstick allowed us to reconsider the value of alternative, slightly more mask-friendly products. In this time, we were able to see the benefits lipgloss has to offer, and these benefits are numerous.


First off, lipgloss is dead handy to apply, particularly if - like me - your makeup skills are less than precise. Secondly, it's multi-functional. For years, makeup gurus have been touting gloss for its ability to double as eye-shadow or highlighter. Thirdly as far as lip-products go, glosses tend to be on the cheaper side of things, which we love to see.

With that being said, essence Ireland have just relaunched their hugely popular Shine Shine Shine lipgloss, and it can be yours for just €2.50.

Available in 15 different shades, this gloss is designed to volumise your lips with smooth coverage and a wet-look effect without leaving you with a sticky feeling.

Crucially, the formula has also been revised so that it does not contain any silicones, microplastics, alcohol or oil. Those keeping an eye on sustainability will also be pleased to know that the cap is made from 94% recycled plastic.


On top of that, the entire lipgloss collection is vegan, and available in Penneys and selected pharmacies now.