Want To Achieve Kim K's "Effortless Waves" Look?! It Will Take a LOT Of Effort 3 years ago

Want To Achieve Kim K's "Effortless Waves" Look?! It Will Take a LOT Of Effort


Kim Kardashian is known for her shiny, effortless waves.

But, as we all expected, it turns out the look actually takes a heap of effort... and equipment... and time... and probably a second set of hands.

Nevertheless, we do love the look, and her stylist Jen Atkin decided it was time to be honest and share the love on Kim's app - giving us a step-by-step breakdown of how to recreate the waves.

In fairness, the only tools you need are a blow dryer and duck bill clips (the long skinny hairdressers ones - see image below).

On damp hair, Atkin twists Kim's fringe out of the way with the duck bill clips, and then slides the clips into her hair horizontally, all around her head with roughly two inch gaps in between.

She then loosens the hair between the clips to create the wave shape, and leaves that to set while she works on makeup.

Kim 1

When Kim's makeup is all done, she takes a blow dryer and dries Kim's hair (clips still in) until it's around 75 per cent dry.

Then, she slides the clips out, and gathers the ends loosely, scrunching while drying.

Kim 2

Finally, she twists Kim's front bits (for want of a better term) away from her face, and blow dries so that they fall in an outward curl.

Kim 4

So, yeah, we wouldn't exactly describe it as effortless, but we appreciate their honesty.

And we actually think we MIGHT be able to attempt it.