What's In My Beauty Bag - Blogger Marie Barry-Murphy Shares Her Secrets 8 years ago

What's In My Beauty Bag - Blogger Marie Barry-Murphy Shares Her Secrets

Pretty packaging, hero products, must-have purchases…make-up is a subject we could spend hours chatting about.

Everyone has their tried and tested buys and in a bid to find out more about the best way to get bang for your buck, we decided it was time to call in a little expertise.


Beauty bloggers make it their business to trial run products and are up to date with the latest releases before they even hit the shelves.

In a new weekly feature, we’re going to quiz beauty bloggers on their make-up essentials and why these are the products they return to time and time again.

This week, we're quizzing Marie Barrie-Murphy of The Beaut Mum on her make-up must haves.


A woman's makeup kit is one of her most prized possessions.

Whether it's a small makeup bag fit for travel or a fertiliser size bag, many secrets are held within.

How do your lashes get so long? (Falsies.) Did you lose some weight? (Contouring palette.) How did you get that glow? (Highlighter.) We've all been complimented on certain things when we have our slap on.

My make up bag can be between the travel size bag and then the fertiliser size bag of everything, organised chaos as I like to call it.



You cannot paint a wall without first cleaning, sanding, filling then painting. It is the very same for your face. Cleanse, tone & moisture before you prime, conceal and apply foundation and powder & so on.

I wash my face with Bia Beauty's Orange & Grapefruit Facial Exfoliant it smells divine and makes your face feel really clean & fresh.

I then give my skin a freshen with Bioderma Micellar Water before popping on my Stop the Clock eye cream from Bia Beauty.


Then comes my Trilogy Rosehip Oil as my skin is really dry at the moment from being on holidays etc I find this really helps. Vaseline need I say anymore, I own about 40 pots & they are everywhere, locker, car, handbag.


As a make up artist, you pick up all sorts of tips and tricks. If you're preparing for a big occasion, I would stay clear of any foundation with SPF as it will reflect off the camera and you will be as shiny as a new penny.

Dior is my favourite foundation it is light yet buildable and gives me the perfect coverage.

Don't forget the very important pencil sharpener for liners. Penneys do them and they are as cheap as chips. Sharpening them keeps pencils fresh and clean.


I wear the NYX Wonder Pencil to open and brighten the eyes it can also be used as a concealer and a reverse lip liner, we all love a multi task item.


For a night out I would use Urban Decay Eye Potion to make my eye shadow last. I am pretty fussy about mascara but when I received the Boots No.7 one at Christmas I fell in love with it, no clumps and it really coats all your lashes.

The eyes are the windows to the soul. I adore a palette and my favourite is My Alice in Wonderland one for a special night out. But I use MeMeMe, Blank Canvas or Inglot as well. My daytime eyeshadows would be from my Freedom Inglot Palette.

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In my Inglot palette there is a light cream, brown & a cranberry lipstick and a dark shade for my brows. With the Freedom range you can buy the shadows, lipsticks, concealers etc and make up your perfect kit.


I love a few individual false lashes and always add a few on the outer edge is a light flattering look especially if you don't like the full on stripe lashes. I also love the Vintage Cosmetics Company "Nancy Lashes", they are stunning.


If you're a beauty blogger and want to tell us all about your make-up bag, drop a line to Cathy at cathy.donohue@her.ie