Why dry shampoo might not be working on your thick hair 4 months ago

Why dry shampoo might not be working on your thick hair

Was there ever an invention more glorious than dry shampoo?

If you have hair of any description on your head and (shock, horror) don't wash it every single day, you'll likely have a deep appreciation for this wonderful stuff.

Whether you've overslept before work, you're hungover as balls at brunch or you just don't fancy hopping in the shower, dry shampoo is there for you.

But what to do when it's just not doing the business for you?

As it turns out, you could be using the wrong type of dry shampoo for your hair.

We'd never thought about it but think about it - if you have thin hair that's prone to getting greasy, you'd probably use different hair products to your friend who has thick, dry hair.

That should apply with your dry shampoo too, according to hair stylist Teddi Cranford.

Those of us with fine hair will benefit most by using an aerosol spray, she tells Vogue.

"Go section by section and spray from roots to mid-shaft.

"Then put a brush through it, or a quick little blow-dry, and be on your way.”

If you have thicker hair, meanwhile, opt for a loose powder from a bottle as it will be drier and more absorbent.

"Looser powder is good for absorbing sweat from a workout," she says.

"I would go section by section and apply at the root, or on areas that are really oily, then take your blow-dryer and go roughly around the hairline, just to fan it out.

"You can also tip your head to each side and shake it out with your fingers.”

So there you go - make sure you're using a product that suits your hair and using to properly and you'll be able to go ages without a hair wash. Happy days.