4 cookbooks that have inspired me to cook super-healthy these past few months at home 1 year ago

4 cookbooks that have inspired me to cook super-healthy these past few months at home

I don't know about you, but I feel like I spent the best part of the past year cooking – and baking – up a storm.

And never mind banana bread, I have – for the first time in my life – made my own granola, attempted no-knead bread, made my own sourdough starter, got my children to like acai bowls as much as I do, taught my little girl how to make chocolate chip peanut butter cookies and actually had time to go through some of my enormous cookbook collection and make the recipes I wanted to make.


As for what cookbooks I have been really loving these past few weeks, here are four books I have not only kept going back to for the yummy recipes, but also because of the beautiful photography and general healthy tips and advice in them.

And so if you are looking for some cookbooks to inspire you to live healthier, feel better and eat more plant-based, I cannot recommend these books enough:

1. No-Fuss Vegan: Everyday Food for Everyone

I love Roz Purcell and am an avid follower of her on Instagram.


In this gorgeous books, Roz shows you how to introduce more plant-based recipes into your life, whether you're already a committed vegan or just looking to cut down on meat and dairy. The book contains recipes for both meals, snacks and desserts, and trust me; you are going to wonder what took you so long in regards to embracing plant-based foods after reading this.


2. Malibu Farm


Another cookbook I first heard about through social media (I follow the restaurant on Instagram) and was clever enough to click home. Malibu Farm is beloved for its spectacular Pacific Ocean views, the freshly sourced ingredients on its ever-changing menu, and its warm vibe. And in this truly beautiful book, you'll find many of the recipes the restaurant has become so famous for.


3. Whole by Natural Harry


Another plant-based book, Whole is a beautiful down-to-earth plant-based book capturing the distinct and covetable vibe of author Harriet Birrell's beachside lifestyle, where her priorities are good food, wellness, surfing and family.

In the book, Harriet shares recipes she makes at home all the time, covering breakfast, salads, bowls, mains, sweet and drinks. For instance – how about a purple sweet potato bowl for breakfast? Or a falafel crumble salad with pickled onion for lunch? Or how about a rainbow cauliflower fried rice for dinner?

Healthy eating has never been so cool – or delicious.



4. Well+Good Eating for Wellness Cookbook

Having been an avid reader of the Well + Good website for years, I was so excited last year when I heard they were bringing out a cookbook.

And trust me, the book did not disappoint. Filled with 100 tried-and-true recipes curated from trusted voices in a variety of fields, this book is a celebration of how amazing it is to eat healthy.

Foods that promote better skin, better sleep, better sex, better moods, better focus, better digestion, or better energy, Eating for Wellness is the ultimate resource for anyone to feel their best and glow from the inside out.