Citly Is A Brilliant Irish App That Will Help You Rediscover Where You Live 6 years ago

Citly Is A Brilliant Irish App That Will Help You Rediscover Where You Live

CITLY is a deadly new map-based social tool which allows you to discover what's happening in your city in real-time.

It's an Irish app developed by the company Arameye, founded by Sufian Al Aswad, which allows users to share and discover events and stories taking place around them.


"Imagine being able to discover what’s happening at your favorite bar from home or work just before you head out. And, would it be great to find out that the little café down the road is offering free delicious samples bits – instead, you stand in line and pay for your lunch at another shop near your office."

This sounds very handy, imagine, on-the-ground reporting of bad traffic in certain areas, or being able to find out if there's a queue to get into that bar whose cocktails you want to sample (read: drink ten of).

People can share their stories of what's going on in the place that they live, for example if a street is flooded, or there's a horrible pile of litter very close to a children's playground.

The app allows users to see what is going on at their favorite spots across the city via messages and photos highlighted with sentiment tags, intended to give a quicker indication to the nature of the post.


The app has a simple map based interface - a google maps with pinned events, of sorts. CITLY focuses on events in your city or town rather than collecting friends and followers.

As the post creation is restricted to a location, it ensures the post is authentic, and it's both free of charge and free from ads.

You can sign up to the app using either Twitter or Facebook, or if you prefer you can sign up anonymously by using the “Free-Bird” option which means you don’t have to sign up and you will appear as a ‘guest’ when making posts on the platform.

A big thumbs up from us.