Foodie entrepreneur Sarah O’Connor on what it takes to be Queen Bean 5 years ago

Foodie entrepreneur Sarah O’Connor on what it takes to be Queen Bean

Dublin-based businesswoman Sarah O’Connor is co-founder of The Cool Bean Company. Here's her take on what it takes to be Queen Bean in the incredibly competitive food market.

Having hit Irish supermarkets in September 2014, the Cool Food Company is rapidly becoming a household brand. With two Blas na hEireann (Irish Food Awards) on the mantlepiece already, the future is bright for co-founders Sarah O'Connor and Isolde Johnson.


This week on The Capital B business podcast, Corkonian Sarah spilled the beans (sorry, couldn't resist) on her entrepreneurial experience and future plans to turn the business into an internationally recognised food company.

"I met my business partner Isolde when we were both working on the Entrepreneur Of The Year programme. I was a programme manager there which is basically the Carlsberg job for entrepreneurs like myself. It was an amazing place to learn but I also understand the realities and how tough it can be starting your own business."

"When we first decided to start our own business myself and Isolde, like a lot of people out there, were working really long hours and not getting home until 9pm. We knew people like us wanted something healthy and tasty but that was quick to make. And before anyone mentions farting - we use cannellini beans which are low GI so they more easily digested and less flatuent!"

"We want to export worldwide and trade internationally but we accept that takes time. As an entrepreneur you have to have a big vision but you have to be focused as well and that can be hard to wrap your head around at the start. Irish food companies are already doing amazing work out there so we know that we have to keep our focus but diversify at the same time. Our ultimate goal is to get to the point where we are an internationally recognised food company that is focused on providing new, interesting and convenient solutions in the healthy food market."

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