'Nobody is self-made!' 8 pieces of must-read advice from author Donna Kennedy 4 years ago

'Nobody is self-made!' 8 pieces of must-read advice from author Donna Kennedy

Here at Her, we're all about strong, powerful females with strong, powerful voices.

Which is why the forthcoming Women's Empowerment Summit is right up our street. Packed with inspirational speakers, the full-day Dublin event has us all sorts of extremely excited.


On stage will be the likes of broadcaster Sile Seoige and PayPal's Louise Phelan, as well as our very own Maximum Media CEO, Katie Molony (hurrah!).

Taking place this forthcoming Sunday, March 26 in the Talbot Hotel in Dublin, and kicking off at 8am with a jam-packed, inspirational schedule, we reckon this has the potential to be a life-changing kinda day.

And here, best-selling author,#WESummit speaker, and all-round amazing lady Donna Kennedy has compiled a list of top eight tips for success exclusively for Her users...

1) You were born to reach your potential

Never let anyone or any circumstance tell you that you can’t achieve your goals. You goal is an important as anyone elses. There is always a way, even if it means taking a new approach or getting help. When we are brought into this the world, the world is a place of exploration and possibilities, but over time we become conditioned to conform and shy away from our potential. It happens for the most part without us realising it. However, there comes a time when you must decide to get behind the wheel of your own life and business. A great time to do that is now!



2) Decide if you're interested or committed: 

In order to succeed, you must move from a state of interest into a state of commitment. Make your goal a must, not just a hopeful dream. Become passionate about yourself and your business. You do not have to have the answers all of the time but you do need to be moving in a progressive direction with passion behind what you are doing. Decide what you want and commit to it.


3) Create a why:


In order to achieve anything we must have a good enough reason to do it. Aren’t we so much more eager to get in shape when a beach holiday or a special occasion is on the cards? Create an incentive big enough so you (and your team, if you have one) want to achieve your goal. List the benefits of reaching it. Then list the consequences of not reaching it. Attach enough emotion to any goal and you will achieve it!


4) Get support and create a team: 

You are human, not a robot. Do not expect yourself to be good at everything. Nobody is. You will be good at some things but not all. If you are smart, you’ll get help for the things you’re not good at. Delegate! Nobody is “self-made”. All achievers have a team of helpers. Remember this word: ASKAttitude, Skills, Knowledge. Continue to ask and receive learning.



5) Become visible: 

People often say that success is all about who you know. I beg to differ. Who you know is important but who knows you is even more important. Don’t be afraid to get your name out there. It opens up opportunities for you and allows you to build your network. Having a strong network of people around you makes achieving your goals easier.



6) Become credible: 

To excel in business it is always good to have a source of credibility behind you. That does not necessarily mean academic qualifications; many successful entrepreneurs left school early. When I refer to credibility I mean become the go-to person in your field. Show endorsements, write a book, and associate yourself with established and liked brands, people and organisations.


7) People do business with people: 

Business is all about building good relationships. People do business with people. Have you ever recommended a restaurant to someone simply because you like the people who run it, although it may be more expensive or out of the way? We all do. And the reason we do is because when we are given a good experience we remember it and we talk about it.


8) Create value: 

Value people and place value on yourself and your business. Go the extra mile. The number one reason people leave a job or stop using a product (even above finances and cost), is lack of appreciation and not feeling valued. Show people you care and always show them your gratitude.

Find out more about the Women's Empowerment Summit here.