This new app from Google wants to change how we all message forever 6 years ago

This new app from Google wants to change how we all message forever

Google have just made one of the biggest tech announcements of the year with their unveiling of new messaging app, Allo.

Pronounced like 'aloe', it will be a mobile-only app where you sign up with your phone number and connect it to your Google accound.


Like Facebook Messenger, you can see all the usual stuff like sent and received notifications, emoji, and stickers from specially commissioned artists.

According to The Verge when you send a photo, it shows fills up the whole screen, and you can even doodle on top of it like in Snapchat.

You can also drag your finger up and down to enlarge or shrink text before it's sent, called 'WhisperShout'.

What's the big difference here though?


Artificial intelligence. Called the Google Assistant, it's like Siri on the iPhone, but will actually suggest further searches for you and even engage in conversation. The future is now.

Inside the conversations with your friends, the Assistant will put suggested replies in the bottom called 'suggestion chips', powered by a massive machine-learning engine which will pick up on the manner in which you type.

For example if someone sends a picture of a new baby, an automated reply appears saying: 'Congratulations!'

In terms of privacy, Google doesn't hang onto your chat logs, and Allo will have an Incognito mode, where your conversations are encrypted end-to-end so they're unreadable by the company.


They also hope to add expiring messages, again, like Snapchat.

The Next Web report that Allo will be able to do a LOT for you:

"Allo can also make reservations for restaurants, if you want to meet up with friends. It can find sports scores, show you the roster of players; basically, a lot of what Google Search can do. You just don’t need to move away from Allo to tap into the lighter features of Search."

This sounds very cool.


(Image via Google)