Kimberley Walsh weighs in on Girls Aloud 20th anniversary rumours 11 months ago

Kimberley Walsh weighs in on Girls Aloud 20th anniversary rumours

Fans have been speculating that the group may reunite for the occasion.

Kimberly Walsh has responded to the widespread rumours of a 20th anniversary Girls Aloud reunion.


The girl-band was formed in 2002 on ITV's Popstars: The Rivals and went onto become one of the biggest names in pop.

Fans have been praying for the group to reunite this year, however, it seems Kimberley, Nicola Roberts, Cheryl and Nadine Coyle don't feel like the time is right following the tragic passing of fellow member Sarah Harding.

"We’re not really in that headspace at the moment," she told MailOnline.


While the four won't be doing anything publicly to mark the anniversary, Kimberly says they'll likely get together as a group to catch-up.

“It’s amazing that we’re coming up to 20 years and there’ll be lots of reminiscing personally for us as a group, the four of us I’m sure will be looking back at old memories.

“But I think that our heads are not in a space to be doing anything as a band, it wouldn’t feel right without Sarah.”

She continued: "But yeah, we’ll definitely be doing lots of reminiscing, it’s amazing that it’s been that long. 20 years, it’s crazy!


“It feels like quite a big landmark for us, it’s going to be very bittersweet. But we’ll just deal with it as best as we can at the time.

“We know much the fans would obviously love [for us to do something] but I think they’d totally understand how difficult it would be.”

It comes as Kimberly recently spoke out about dealing with the death of her friend, a time she described as " really, really tough".


Appearing on Sky News, she said: “We just take it day by day, that’s all you can really do. I think everyone’s got to deal with grief in their own way. It has been really really tough.”

Sarah sadly passed away from breast cancer at the age of 39 on 5 September 2021.

Shortly before her death, Sarah spent a weekend at Soho Farmhouse in the Cotswolds with her band members.