Amber Gill: "Whoever put on weight this year, don’t worry I’m with you" 3 weeks ago

Amber Gill: "Whoever put on weight this year, don’t worry I’m with you"

"First of all, we are in a pandemic."

Amber Gill, the stunning and hilarious winner of Love Island 2019, has been body shamed online - for putting on one stone during lockdown.


Yep, one stone. 14 lbs. During what is probably one of the most difficult and strange times that most of us will experience in our life times. How very dare she?

The star, who has enjoyed a significant amount of fame since her appearance on the reality TV dating show last summer, took to Instagram this week to address the fact that people on TikTok have seemingly been commenting on her fairly insignificant weight gain.

"Not me on TikTok being fat shamed?! What?" she wrote. "First of all, we are in a pandemic. Second, how do people look so closely that they notice before I even notice?"

"I’ve been living in hoodies and sweatpants for the whole of this year and ended up putting on a whole stone!" she continued.

"I can’t lie, I was shocked but I cannot cook to save my life so it was takeout breakfast lunch and dinner so I don’t know what I expected.


"And with another lockdown potentially on the horizon it could happen again. I’m sure the people that commented are the image of perfection so thank you for that."

Amber, who blatantly still looks incredible, by the way, finished her post with a line of support for those among us who have also put on weight during what is probably the most stressful and uncertain year of their lives.

"Whoever put on weight this year don’t worry I’m with you," she said.


Amber's post comes during further time of uncertainty and confusion. As England gears up for its second lockdown, Ireland has already been in the throes of one for a few weeks.

With total shut down comes, for a lot of people, the end of routine, separation from friends and family, and an uncertainty as to when things will be better again.

Some use this time to focus on a new hobbie, learn a language, or go running. Others simply get through the day by cooking delicious foods, catching up on their favourite TV show, or climbing into bed that little bit earlier.

Wherever it is you fall on the spectrum, weight change is irrelevant to anyone else but you. Whether you gain or you lose, it's your body, and it's experiencing a time in your life that is both unprecedented and oftentimes, unmanageable.


Putting on a few lbs, a stone, or two stone is not surprising - nor is it even close to the worst things that have happened to people this year.