Amber Rose Has The Perfect Response Being Questioned Over Her Relationship With Kanye 4 years ago

Amber Rose Has The Perfect Response Being Questioned Over Her Relationship With Kanye

Amber Rose has come straight into centre stage after putting Kanye in his place during last night’s Twitter spat.

Kanye started a rant with Wiz, in which he dragged Amber Rose into the fight, writing:

“You let a stripper trap you.

“I know you mad every time you look at your child that this girl got you for 18 years.

“You wouldn’t have a child if it wasn’t for me.”

Amber, who dated the rapper for two years from 2009, decided to get her own back on Kanye for his comments, tweeting:



This wasn’t the first time Amber has been dragged into the spotlight by Kanye, who has consistently referred to his ex in radio interviews.

During an interview with Jezebel in October 2015, the model and actress was questioned about her link to Kanye. When asked about her association with the rapper, her response is perfect:

“Well, I don’t want to get away from anything. I haven’t been with that man in almost six years. It’s like, leave me alone about it. I’ve done three movies. I’ve been on sitcoms. I have my own book. I’m an author. I’m an advocate. I have my own sunglass line. I’m a mother. I’ve been married since then. I’ve been on a world tour and I’m not even a singer. I’ve done things. So it’s just like, leave me alone about it. Not you personally[laughs]. I’m saying, in general.

“It’s f*cking done. It’s been done. Such a long time ago and I’m just sick of it. I really don’t understand that. If this is 2009 for sure, I could see that. Absolutely, 100 percent. But now I don’t see that anymore. I’ve been married. They don’t talk about Wiz. I’d been with Wiz for four years. We have a son together. No one brings up Wiz. It does not make sense to me.”

We can’t work it out either, but we doubt she’ll be Kanye’s topic of conversation after last night’s showdown.