Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey land in Ireland for Enchanted sequel 1 month ago

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey land in Ireland for Enchanted sequel

Big news for fans of the Disney film.

Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey are officially in Ireland getting ready to begin shooting the sequel to the glorious Enchanted.


The stars, who have been tipped to be journeying to our greener pastures for months now, have finally landed to an undisclosed location likely somewhere in the countryside.

Confirming the news, Patrick (or Paddy, as he shall henceforth be known) shared a photo of a bright blue sky, green fields, and an empty country lane with the simple caption: "Ireland!"

Enchanted co-star Amy confirmed the news to her own followers yesterday. Sharing a post for Foster Care Awareness Month, she said that she was currently "in Ireland getting ready to film the sequel to Enchanted."

She added that she was "very excited" to begin work on the movie, and that she plans to share more details about the project soon. We wait eagerly with bated breath, Amy.


The upcoming move, entitled Disenchanted, will see Adams reprise her role as Giselle and Dempsey return as the ever-questioning divorce lawyer Robert Philip.

Dempsey confirmed that he had been cast in the film earlier this year, telling Good Morning America: "I just got this script for the second movie. I'm starting to go through and get notes together."

Also returning for the movie's second instalment are Idina Menzel and James Marsden, reprising their roles as as Nancy and Prince Edward respectively.


What's more is Maya Rudolph will also be joining the project as a villain. "If this had been 15 years ago and someone asked if I wanted to be the bad guy, I might've been like, ‘geez, I don't know,'" she said earlier this year.

"But I've come to learn in my many years that the most fun thing to get to do is when you get to play The Most.

"It's nice to be in a place work-wise where I feel like a lot of what I've done can speak for itself. So I don't have to explain who I am or what I do."