Australian citizens can actually ask THE QUEEN for this weird gift 1 year ago

Australian citizens can actually ask THE QUEEN for this weird gift

How bizarre?

So as we all know, Queen Elizabeth is the reigning Sovereign over a number of nations - one of them being Australia.


And apparently, Australian citizens have a right to claim a particularly strange gift from the Queen.

The "constituents' request program", entitles Australian voters to nationhood material.

This includes recordings of the National Anthem, a booklet of all the flags of Australia, a booklet on Australia's national symbols and a portrait of Queen Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh.


And apparently, this isn't common knowledge amonst Australians.

Although, since the news spread about the entitlement, demand has been higher than ususal.

MP Rebekha Sharkie wrote:


"We've received more than 25 requests for a portrait of Queen in the last 12 hours."

It would seem as though the scheme isn't popular among everyone.


A few years ago, MP Bob Brown said: "If there is extra money available, I suggest that it go to ensuring that Indigenous people in Australia who are being deprived of their first languages be given an education in their first languages and that we stop some first languages going to extinction in this country."

"I think that might have priority. However, if there are members opposite who cannot find a picture of Her Majesty, I would be happy to provide them with one."


There you have it now...