Beyoncé fell on stage at Coachella last night while attempting to lift Solange 1 year ago

Beyoncé fell on stage at Coachella last night while attempting to lift Solange


It looks like Queen Bey's performance at Coachella last night suffered a dance technicality when the 36-year-old star tried and failed to lift up her sister, Solange during a dance routine to "Get Me Bodied".

While the sisters were dancing on stage, Beyoncé turned towards Solange to lift her but it looks like the star suffered a slip and the two ended up landing on the floor. However, in true Knowles style, they turned the fall into a dance move, laughing and shaking their legs in the air as they recovered smoothly, stood up and kept on dancing.

One Twitter user captured the fall on their phones and we have to admit it does look painful.

For the second weekend in a row performing at Coachella, former members of Destiny's Child joined Beyoncé on stage as well as her husband Jay-Z and as a suprise this week, she had another guest, which was J Balvin who appeared on stage for one track, a remix of his smash hit, "Mi Gente".

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The singer told the crowd last night:

"I'm so happy that I am here. I was supposed to perform at Coachella [last year] but I ended up getting pregnant - thank God! So I had time to dream and dream and dream with two beautiful souls in my belly...

"Thank you guys for sharing this with me. I hope y'all enjoyed the show."

Beyoncé broke the record this year for the most ever viewed performance at Coachella with 458K simultaneous viewers, 75 percent over last years most watched performance.

The power of Bey.