Blake Lively has an empowering message for women everywhere 3 years ago

Blake Lively has an empowering message for women everywhere


Blake Lively accepted the Favourite Dramatic Movie Actress for her work on The Shallows at the People's Choice Awards last night.

The mother of two used her acceptance speech as an opportunity to gush about husband Ryan Reynolds, (we can't blame her really) but she also made a really important point about girl power.

Chatting about how her mother has always been a huge support system to her, Blake said:

"My mom, she always taught me as a kid that you can’t ever let anyone limit you. Don’t ever let anyone tell you there’s something you can’t do".

Hear hear.

Blake, who brought her sister Robyn Lively along for the evening, then went on to say:

“Thank you for sending a message to Hollywood that people want to hear stories about women and we want to hear your stories.

"Whether it’s social media, your iPhone — whatever, tell your stories, now more than ever. You need to be heard, you are valuable, and no one can limit you!”

I've always been a massive fan of the 29-year-old's sartorial style but after last night's speech, it's fair to say that Blake talks a lot of sense too.