Blake Lively could be our new favourite pop star after these songs 2 years ago

Blake Lively could be our new favourite pop star after these songs

Blake Lively really can do it all.

The 30-year-old's most recent project, All I See Is You, showed off some of her impressive talents, from her acting chops to her seriously stylish ability to switch things up during the press tour.

But it looks like Blake is now ready to add singer to her CV.

The mum-of-two features on two songs from the film's original soundtrack, after it got quietly released at the end of October.

The first of the tunes is called In Our Dreams, a melancholy-but-simple love song that showcases the actress' vocals.

The second, called Double Dutch, features the film's leading lady singing alongside a child's voice.

All I See Is You stars Blake Lively as a blind woman dependent on her husband, who partially gains her eyesight back after a "miracle" surgery - which ends up leading to her discovering some truths  about their relationship.

It looks set to be an experience of the sense, which focuses on power

But the film's director Marc Forster told Vanity Fair he wasn't sure if the Blake could sing or not when he first cast her.

And he admitted that at one point, he had considered dubbing her vocals with someone else's voice.

He recalled to the publication about the recording session:

"Suddenly we were in a studio in L.A. and she is in front of a mic and she starts singing.

"The studio was Babyface’s, and he came in and was suddenly standing there saying, ‘She’s great! She needs no help.’”