Britney "cried for two weeks" after Framing Britney Spears documentary 2 weeks ago

Britney "cried for two weeks" after Framing Britney Spears documentary

"My life has always been very speculated..."

Britney Spears has said she "cried for two weeks" following the release of the Framing Britney Spears documentary.


The film, which details the star's experience in the media amidst her relationship with her father, was released earlier this year. Coinciding with Britney's court battle attempting to remove Jamie Spears as her conservator, the documentary largely reignited the #FreeBritney movement.

Despite posting regularly on social media, Britney had been largely silent on the documentary - until now.

Last night, a lengthy post was shared to the star's Instagram saying that she felt "embarrassed" by the film, and that she "cried for two weeks" after it was released. Britney added that she hadn't watched the full movie, but had seen parts of it.

"My life has always been very speculated…watched …and judged really my whole life!" the post read.

"For my sanity I need to dance to @iamstevent every night of my life to feel wild and human and alive !!! I have been exposed my whole life performing in front of people !!! It takes a lot of strength to TRUST the universe with your real vulnerability cause I’ve always been so judged… insulted… and embarrassed by the media… and I still am till this day!!!!


"As the world keeps on turning and life goes on we still remain so fragile and sensitive as people! I didn't watch the documentary but from what I did see of it I was embarrassed by the light they put me in.

"I cried for two weeks and well... I still cry sometimes!!!! I do what I can in my own spirituality with myself to try and keep my own joy, love, and happiness!!!! Every day dancing brings me joy !!! I'm not here to be perfect ... perfect is boring ... I'm here to pass on kindness."

After the post was shared, some fans took to Instagram to say that they didn't think the caption was written by Britney herself. Others urged the star to not feel embarrassed by what had been shown in the film.

Britney's lawyer last week asked a judge in her case to permanently remove her father Jamie Spears as her conservator.


Until 2019, Britney's father was in control of the star's personal and financial affairs, after she was placed in a court-ordered conservatorship in 2008. He stepped down from his role two years ago due to health reasons. Since then, Jodi Montgomery, a care professional, handles Britney's affairs.