Calvin Harris publicly slams ex Taylor Swift 6 years ago

Calvin Harris publicly slams ex Taylor Swift

He has revealed ALL.

Since the surprise split of apparently not-so-dream couple Taylor Swift and Calvin Harris, the world hasn't stopped breathing - looking for exclusive updates of 'Hiddleswift' - Taylor and her new beau Tom Hiddleston.


While people were flabbergasted that Taylor could move on so quickly, many were left wondering what caused the sudden split between Taylor and Calvin considering they spent a grand total of 16 months together (which equates to a decade in Hollywood years).

Following rumours from both the Swift and Harris camps on who did the dirty, news was uncovered that Taylor wrote Calvin's latest hit This Is What You Came For, causing people to flee to support Team Taylor.

But today's latest barrage of tweets from the Scottish DJ has uncovered his side to the story, clarifying that while she did write the song under a pseudonym (at her own request), he made it clear he wasn't going to take any more trash talk about his music.






Calvin threw serious shade at her new relationship with Tom Hiddleston, insinuating that her team's actions to make him look bad were petty.



He then confirmed Taylor's rumoured dislike of singer Katy Perry, painting her as well... A bit of a bitch really.


He finished his rant on a slightly patronising note, telling her to focus on positive things rather than rehash the past the pair spent together.





We definitely don't ever want to get on the wrong side of Calvin.

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