Caroline Flack just spoke out against the trolls who call her a cougar 2 years ago

Caroline Flack just spoke out against the trolls who call her a cougar

Good on her.

The lovely Caroline Flack has received a lot of backlash over the years for her relationships.


Sure, she has a thing for younger men, but that really isn't anyone's business, is it?

Most famously, Caroline got quite a bit of flack (pun intended) for dating Harry Styles a number of years ago.

Anyway, the presenter is sick of the bullshit, and has words for those people who have an issue with her taste in men.

She posted an image of her upcoming cover of You magazine on Instagram, and wrote about how she wanted to address "some of the 'flack'" she has received over the year.

She also added that she "quite frankly doesn't care". Dead right.

"I normally keep my mouth shut when it comes to my life and being in the public eye... but for the first time I really wanted to write something personal about some of the ‘flack’ I’ve had over the years and how I quite frankly don’t care."


Amazingly, a quote from the interview also reads: "If 'cougar' is supposed to be an insult, I'm making it a badge of honour."

This all comes a week after Caroline Flack was romantically linked to her trainer, Bradley Simmonds , 24.

However, friends of the pair have insisted that they are just good mates, and have never dated.

At the time of her relationship with Harry Styles, Caroline said:


“I keep thinking, what have I done wrong? But I haven’t done anything wrong. What’s hard for me to get my head around is people saying it’s ­disgusting. I don’t think it is."

"I feel like I shouldn’t have to worry about what I do. But it’s a social thing that people aren’t accepting of big age gaps. I know it’s human nature to gossip. But why say it’s bad? No one’s being hurt."

She can date whoever she likes, at the end of the day.