Caroline Flack shares top nine Instagram photos, says she was 'dying inside' in four of them 2 years ago

Caroline Flack shares top nine Instagram photos, says she was 'dying inside' in four of them

Caroline Flack has shared her top nine Instagram photos, and said that she felt like she was "dying inside" in four of them.

The Love Island presenter has struggled depression since 2014, stating that the time after her Strictly Come Dancing win was her "lowest point."


Flack took to Instagram today to share her top nine photos from the year. She said that although she looks "so happy," she was "dying inside" in four of the images.

In an emotive post, she wrote:

"My top 9... Funny isn’t it... I look so happy... Except I know in 4 of those pictures I was dying inside.

"My top 9 moments were not represented by these pictures but by things that happened and will stay in my heart forever."


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"I’ve learned many lessons this year mostly that everything is temporary," she went on. "Moments, feelings, people, flowers (RK)... and also that having a puppy is hard bloody work."

Flack spoke candidly and honestly about her experience of depression earlier this year in a bid to normalise antidepressants and to tackle the stigma around mental health.


"I used to go to the chemist to collect my prescription on a Sunday, thinking the pharmacist had probably seen me on telly the night before," she said.

"You would tell people if you have taken Nurofen or Lemsip, but not anti-depressants."

Flack said that she received a lot of criticism for her stint presenting The X Factor - backlash that was culminated in a joke made by Graham Norton at the BAFTAs.


"I'm sure it was quite funny but not so much when you're the person living that life, sat in the BAFTAs and the cameras are on you," she said.

"I remember the person next to me touching my arm in sympathy and just trying not to cry.

"I went home pretty much straight after. It was really horrible and my lowest point."