Conor McGregor gives Rob Kardashian a VERY public shout-out 4 years ago

Conor McGregor gives Rob Kardashian a VERY public shout-out

Conor McGregor. Robert Kardashian.

We previously didn't think the two would be uttered in the same sentence, but there ya go.


Of course, all eyes are currently on Rob - because of his ongoing saga with Chyna... and also on Conor - because of his forthcoming Las Vegas fight with Mayweather.

And now these two hot-topics of conversation have come together.

Yup, Mr McGregor was having a go at his opponent Floyd in Toronto - the location for the second leg of their world promotional tour (they had earlier kicked-off in LA).

In front of a gathered crowd of some 16,000 (and an awful lot of them seemed to be Irish) - and after plenty of bad-mouthing from both the McGregor and Mayweather camps - Crumlin-lad Conor began to criticise his rival's apparent fondness for strippers.

"Fifty stripper b*tches on his payroll," the Dubliner called out to his audience (nice).


"Shout out to ALL the stripper bitches on his payroll," he said, "At least Rob Kardashian only had one," he added to continued roars from the crowd. "He's got 50," Conor shouted pointing at Floyd.

So Mr McGregor managed to call Blac Cyna a stripper; Rob Kardashian a fool, and Floyd Mayweather... well, he called Floyd pretty much everything under the sun.

If you feel inclined to watch the footage itself... here you go: