Could George Clooney Be Giving Up Acting? 4 years ago

Could George Clooney Be Giving Up Acting?

Say it isn't so...

George Clooney has hinted recently that he might give up acting, opting for a behind the camera role instead.


While promoting his new movie Hail, Caeser!, he told The BBC that the camera can be very unforgiving to aging actors and that directing is more 'creative'.

He said, "As you age on screen you get to that point where you really understand that, you know, you can't stay in front of the camera your whole life. It's much more fun to be, and it's infinitely more creative to be directing."

"I think nobody really wants to see anybody really age," he continued. "It's a very unforgiving thing, the camera is, and so aging becomes something that you know, you try to do less and less on screen. You try to pick the films that work best for you and as you age they become less and less."

Watch the trailer for Hail, Caeser! here: