"Of course we are okay": Molly Mae shuts down Tommy Fury rumours 3 months ago

"Of course we are okay": Molly Mae shuts down Tommy Fury rumours

"Of course we are okay."

Molly Mae Hague has shut down rumours that her relationship with Tommy Fury has become "distanced."


During an Instagram Q&A, the influencer and Love Island runner up was asked a tonne of questions about her relationship with Tommy, including unfounded rumours that things weren't great between the pair.

"Are you and Tommy okay? Been quiet on here lately," asked one person.

Molly responded: "Of course we are okay. Just because we don't post a selfie together on stories for a few weeks doesn't mean things are bad. We are both just so busy."

She went on: "He's in training camp currently also, which is super serious stuff. No date nights and messing around. We have really early nights and a very set routine that I also try and follow in order to support him.

"I love him so much. So proud of him."

Molly then went on to say that she had received "so many" questioned about her supposed "distanced" relationship.

"I can't believe that people think if it's not on social media it's not happening," she said. "Guys, Tommy and I are absolutely fine, like the best ever."

Molly Mae and Tommy met on the 2019 instalment of Love Island and stayed coupled up for the duration of the show. The pair came runner up in the series after winner Greg O'Shea and Amber Gill scooped the £50k prize money.

The YouTuber has recently spoken out about her struggle with endometriosis, a condition that causes lining similar to that found in the womb to grow outside the womb.

"I have had every poke, prod, scan, ultrasound, internal, external - you name it, the dignity is gone," she said during a Q&A after her diagnosis.

"I'm just glad that I can now get it sorted and have the surgery to now hopefully once and for all get rid of the period pains that are... I can honestly only probably describe them as on the same level as labour."