DJ Khaled just threw his son an insane first birthday in a nightclub 4 years ago

DJ Khaled just threw his son an insane first birthday in a nightclub

DJ Khaled's son might just be the youngest person to ever throw a party in a nightclub.


Yep, Asahd Khaled who was born last year celebrated turning one-year-old in the famous LIV nightclub at Fontainebleau on Miami Beach.

Parents DJ Khaled and Nicole Tuck even went to the extreme of shutting down the exclusive club especially for the party.

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Invited guests included the likes of P.Diddy alongside other famous rappers. The club which was transformed into a jungle even had real-life tiger cubs. I know... MADNESS.



The party was presented by Tot Living by Haute Living and featured the little king sitting on a gold throne for most of the night as well as receiving a brand new (toy) car.


DJ Khaled even wore watching "Daddy and Son" shirts with his little birthday boy, which was very cute.

This party is most certainly stiff competition for Conor McGregor and his carnival themed christening.

Overall, although this event looks like it was incredibly OTT and not your stereotypical kids party, we can't help but fall in love with his ADORABLE little smile in the club. At the rate he is going his 16th is going to be a world tour.