Footage of Britney performing with "102 fever" goes viral after star's court address 6 months ago

Footage of Britney performing with "102 fever" goes viral after star's court address

The clip shows her with a high grade fever.

With The New York Times report showing new details of Britney Spears' conservatorship and the singer addressing the courts yesterday, a new video shows just how bad it got.


One fan has shared a clip from back in 2018 when Britney was performing at a concert, but there was something very strange about the clip.

In the video, Britney can be seen talking about how hot it was on stage, saying: "I'm about to pass out. I'm sick. I have actually a 102 fever right now."

The fan shared the video, aiming to show that she was not willingly on the stage, and seemed to be making a sly comment to those in charge of her conservatorship.

The fan, Zachary Gordon, wrote: "Dear @britneyspears, I feel like we owe you an apology. We bought into the whole hype of BRITNEY the performer, without much consideration for how Britney Jean Spears, the person, was coping through each day. Looking back now, I remember you saying this in front of me…"

The video was taken at the Piece of Me tour in Atlantic City, New Jersey, on July 19, 2018, and Zachary explained his thoughts at the time.


He continued: "and I just thought “Wow, she’s such a trooper and cares so much to put on a show for her fans.” Now I can see with clear eyes that this was a dig at the people controlling you, making you go onstage, performing under high powered lights, all while you had a high-grade fever."

"Something was up, but I feel like we were all blinded by the albums, the tours, the merchandise, the residency… all of it. After reading all the new information today, I’m heartbroken even more knowing that you haven’t been happy, knowing that you’ve been forced to perform…"