Gemma Collins accused of photoshopping her head onto a model's body 3 years ago

Gemma Collins accused of photoshopping her head onto a model's body

GC may be known and loved for her infectious body positivity but she could be in hot water over recent photos of herself she's shared.

Gemma has been accused of photoshopping her head onto another person's body in a number of images for the website of her clothing line, Gemma Collins Collection.


Model Katie Green claims that the original images are of her and is considering legal action as she didn't give permission for Gemma's brand to use them, reports The Daily Star.

"It’s a terribly bad photoshop. A child could see it’s a fake," a source close to the model told the publication.

"You can tell they’ve just stuck Gemma’s head on Katie’s body."

The images show Gemma and Katie in the same dresses and striking the same poses.

"She was shocked. At no point did she give anybody permission to edit or alter the images.

"As soon as she saw them she asked for them to be removed with immediate effect."


The photos were taken for Lily Limited, a clothing wholesaler that supplies to Gemma's brand among others.

Images from Lily Limited can be used by the brand under their deal once they are unedited and unaltered.

"The images were used in good faith by Gemma after being supplied by an external firm who had assured her that they owned the copyright and had commissioned the photoshoots," a rep for the TOWIE star said.

In a statement, the wholesaler said it had asked Gemma Collins Collection to remove the altered images from its website.


"Regarding the recent situation of altering our images, we have spoken to the client concerned and they have agreed to take down all photoshopped images.

"As a company, we respect all body shapes and sizes and do not change or alter the models in our own images."