George Clooney on why he and Amal named their twins Alexander and Ella 3 years ago

George Clooney on why he and Amal named their twins Alexander and Ella

George Clooney has revealed the inspiration behind his new twins' names, as he confessed Alexander and Ella already have distinct personalities.

The 56 year old opened up about his life as a new dad in an interview for his new film Suburbicon. 


And he admitted he and wife Amal "didn't want to have really dumb names" for their kids - which led to them settling on something more classic.

He told Entertainment Tonight:

"We figured these kids are going to be looked at a lot and watched and [have their] every move sort of judged, and we wanted them to at least have a break with the names.

"So we looked for some sort of normal names.

"We didn't have any great inspiration. It wasn't Alexander the Great and Ella Fitzgerald."

Matt Damon, who joined Clooney for the interview, asked:

"Alexander Hamilton?"

The Oceans 11 star jokingly confirmed:

"It was Alexander Hamilton!"


And the dad of two admitted the twins couldn't be more different.

He said:

"They start out with a personality right off the bat," Clooney admitted.

"[Alexander] is a thug already.

"He's a moose! Literally, he just sits and he eats."

Addressing Matt Damon, he said: "You saw him!"

The Good Will Hunting actor agreed:


"He looks like he could bounce right now, some place in Hollywood."

Clooney agreed:

"Like, checking IDs on the way into the nursery."

Meanwhile, the proud dad described Ella as being elegant - and looking more like mum Amal.


He said:

"She's very elegant, and all eyes. She looks like Amal, thank god."