Influencer Georgie Crawford shares update as she travels to meet her second baby 2 days ago

Influencer Georgie Crawford shares update as she travels to meet her second baby

Influencer Georgie Crawford has issued an update as she prepares to travel to meet her second baby.

The mum is expecting her second child via surrogacy and is set to meet them very soon.


Sharing a photo of her family from Dublin Airport, the influencer confirmed they are flying out to meet her second child.

Alongside the sweet family snap, Georgie wrote, "And so the adventure of a lifetime commences. We’re on our way!!!"

Georgie said her family has been waiting three years for this incredible moment.

She has been giving her followers a glimpse at her journey so far on Instagram.


The podcast host and her family flew out on Sunday, but nearly dashed to the airport on Wednesday.


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Georgie said, "We almost had a dash to the airport on Wednesday but it was a false alarm. Our little baby is still tucked up and happy out."

"So many unexpected emotions this week. It feels out of this world," Georgie said.


"Your kind words have gone such a long way today. Thank you," Georgie added.

"In just a few hours we'll finally be in the same country as our baby," she shared.

Georgie revealed she was expecting a second child in April. The mum shared an emotional Instagram post to confirm her joyous news.

"I think it’s finally starting to sink in…our surrogate mother is pregnant!!


"After what feels like forever, our precious baby is on its way to us. In a million years I could never describe the emotions we have felt this year, our baby is due after the summer.

She continued, "We are so grateful to the brave man who rescued our embryos from Ukraine back in Feb 2022. But most of all we owe everything to the incredible lady who is carrying our baby for us, an earth angel, words cannot describe our gratitude.

"I have so much love in my heart writing these words. It hasn’t been an easy road for us, so much so, that it’s hard to believe it’s real," the mum added.