Harry Styles stops Dublin gig twice after safety concerns 3 months ago

Harry Styles stops Dublin gig twice after safety concerns

Fair play to him.

Fans were out in full force last night to head to see Harry Styles in the Aviva Stadium, but it didn't go without some scary moments.


The former One Direction singer was forced to stop the concert two different times after there were some small safety issues in the crowd.

Checking that fans close to the stage were okay, his actions were described as "top class" and fans noted that it never once ruined the mood of the concert as a whole.

According to one fan on Twitter, he said: "Someone needs help [I think]. Take a step back. Are you okay? You're fine? Did you drop something? Okay!!

"Is everyone else alright? Everyone okay? Can everyone just take a little step back, get some space in here."


Fans praised the singer for his actions, with one person taking to Twitter to say: "harry full on stopping the show and WAITING to make sure someone in the crowd was okay."

Another said: "AND harry stopping the show TWICE to make sure everyone was okay i literally don’t know a better person i love him."


A third wrote: "Round of applause for Harry, stopping the show twice to look after fans #hslotdublin."

With 60,000 packed into the stadium for his second solo show in Dublin, the music could be heard from beyond the Aviva as people stood around the area to listen in.

Harry had been spotted exploring Dublin city ahead of his headline show, heading for food on South William Street and a dip at Vico Baths.

Pictures and videos have been flooding social media of the singer making his way around town, hand in hand with girlfriend Olivia Wilde.


There have even been reports that he was refused from one restaurant after the staff didn't recognise the star.