Her Hero Of The Week... (This Was Too Easy) 9 years ago

Her Hero Of The Week... (This Was Too Easy)

Ever wondered where all the good men are gone? Or where are all the gods? So have we.

It’s that time of the week again, ladies…


This week’s #HerHeroOfTheWeek goes to Irish rugby legend, Rob Kearney.

Incase you missed the the banter over on Twitter earlier this afternoon between One direction's, Niall Horan, and Welsh rugby star, Mike Phillips, let us take a brief moment to fill you in.

The Mullingar man tweeted his disgust at Phillips’ tactics on the field at yesterday's game at the Aviva Stadium, and today the Welsh player responded to the singer, propositioning Horan to a scrum (or something like that).

Cue: Rob Kearney to the rescue...


The Cooley man made sure that the Directioner knew he had support from the lads at home.

We're sure this tweet earned Kearney a few new adoring female followers.

You can check out all of the exchanges between the lads here.


Before we go, here's one of our favourite photos of Kearney...


Stop it, you don't have to thank us.

Rob Kearney


Okay, okay, here's another for good luck.


Do you know a HERO?

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How can you help? Send an image of someone you think is an absolute hero, and if we agree, your entry will get a very deserving and coveted place.


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Until next week ladies…