Holly Willoughby opens up about being body shamed in new book 1 year ago

Holly Willoughby opens up about being body shamed in new book

The TV presenter said the comments had shocked her.

Holly Willoughby has revealed that she was subject to body-shaming at the beginning of her career in her new book.


In the book, titled Reflections, Holly recalled how she aspired to be a model and had her first meeting with an agent at the age of 17. The comments made about her appearance in that meeting changed her career trajectory forever.

"I spoke to my London agency to see what [the agency] said," she wrote. "The comment I got back was: 'we'll put her weight down to healthy eating while travelling'."

The presenter was shocked by the unsolicited comments, mostly due to how "tiny" she was at the time.

"I just thought, wow. I could look in the mirror and see that I was 17 and tiny," she said. "So to hear a comment like that was complete and utter shock."


The body-shaming remarks turned Holly against pursuing a career in the modelling industry.

"I saw for myself the brutal and ugly side of what I'd always thought was the most beautiful place. I realised then that it was not for me," she said.

Soon after, Holly landed presenting gigs for CBBC's show Fame Academy and CITV's Ministry Of Mayhem, alongside Steven Mulhern.


She's since gone on to become one of the most household names in the UK, and is one half of everyone's favourite presenting duo with Philip Scofield on ITV's This Morning.

Holly's book, Reflections, deals with topics such as body image and burnout, as well as offering some of the star's personal insights and opinions.

Speaking about the book, Holly said:
"I'm finally at a point in my life where I can see a little more clearly. Writing is such a personal process and between these pages you will find many little pieces of me. I want to share my truths."
Reflections is available to purchase now.