I pretended to be Beyoncé on Chatroulette and this is what happened 3 years ago

I pretended to be Beyoncé on Chatroulette and this is what happened

Remember Chatroulette?

It was the go-to source of entertainment at sleepovers where we were all welcomed into a seedy world with extremely open arms. It was truly quite a time to be alive.

Earlier today, I took it upon myself to revisit the site to a) see if anyone is still using it and b) fulfil my lifelong dream of being Beyoncé.

Here's how I got on.

Nick was all business and rightfully having none of my bullshit. Either that or I don't think he recognised the picture of Beyoncé.



Etienne was similarly all business. Him and Nick should chat, I think they'd get on quite well.



Ansel couldn't believe his luck that he'd been paired with none other than Beyoncé. I tried a quick joke when he replied 'Sorry' to my questioning of his favourite Bey song, but it went straight over his starstruck little head.



There were no flies on Nicholas, as he very quickly noticed that I (stupidly) had my location turned on, so he inevitably realised that I was in Ireland. Luckily, I had a foolproof cover story.



'Partner' and I had a good chat. To be fair, he saw straight through my lies but we had a bit of fun with it.



Marko genuinely thought I was Beyoncé, so I was left baffled when he disconnected prematurely. I can only assume he had a dodgy internet connection.



I couldn't believe my luck when I bumped into none other than Conor McGregor on Chatroulette. His username was Alex, but I can only assume that was to keep a low profile.



I put all my efforts into this final Chatrouletter. I wanted to get a hint of a smile at the very least. Needless to say, I was left disappointed.



Overall, pretending to be Beyoncé on Chatroulette was a lot of fun. People typically know it isn't really her with the odd exception. But imagine if it actually was? They'd feel pretty foolish when the realised that it genuinely was me, Beyoncé, all along.

Thanks Her.ie for having me as a guest contributor today x.x Bey x.x