Instagram shames Millie Mackintosh for the most obscene reason 3 years ago

Instagram shames Millie Mackintosh for the most obscene reason

Celebrities on Instagram do not have an easy time.

It's a hard concept for some people to understand but believe it or not, famous people are people too.

While innocently taking snaps of themselves, we've seen celebs on Instagram crushed by body-shaming and by the looks of this latest story, the trolls online are not slowing down any time soon.

Ex-Made in Chelsea star Millie Mackintosh is the latest victim of mindless trolling on her Instagram after uploading a picture from her holiday.

The bronzed lady posted a picture of her legs in the cliché 'hotdog' pose but little did she know she'd be the victim of serious insults after the innocent snaps.

In the picture, Millie snapped the gorgeous French view from her back garden but the hair on her legs has become the main focus of the photo.

#hotdoglegs ?

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Followers commented rude and hateful things such as "Wax them bad boys", "Ewwwww hairy hot dog! Dog for sure!" with other idiots pointing out the obvious fact that she has hair on her legs "You have hairy legs".

Fans leapt to Millie's defence, combatting the flurry of sexist remarks and supporting the ex-reality star for her choice not to shave. Comments such as "Yes Millie, fuck shaving" and "Trolls........the politest word for absolutely pathetic wankers! I'm embarrassed for them" stood up for the model.

Millie has not yet commented on the matter.