Is a Brad and Jen Valentine's reunion what we REALLY want to see? 2 years ago

Is a Brad and Jen Valentine's reunion what we REALLY want to see?

After a first month of 2020 that feels like it lasted about a decade, February finally approaches and brings two red-ringed dates into sight.

The first, February 10, is Oscars night. The second, four days later, is Valentine's Day. Love them or loath them, it's hard to completely ignore either day – and this year we have all the more reason to pay very close attention to both.


That reason is what was arguably the only bright spot in January: the reunion of Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, which we did the mother of all deep dives into on this week's Girls With Goals.

For a generation of Brad & Jen diehards, hopeless romantics and those of us who just love some celebrity scandal, the fan fiction version of February would go a little something like this:

Following the rekindling of their ties at the SAG awards, Brad and Jen walk the Academy Awards red carpet arm in arm. The following day Jen posts another dress-in-a-heap photo on Instagram, but this time it's Brad's Oscar that it is draped around. Things move at lightning speed (this is Hollywood after all) and on February 14 there's a room filled with red roses and a penitent Pitt down on one knee. Jen accepts, of course, and come summer the jubilant public have a new 'royal' wedding to get ready for.

And we get a look at more than one photo of the nuptials this time. 


But is that what we'd really want? To see Brad and Jen actually get back together again? To see everything that's happened between them forgiven and forgotten? To see a woman who seems so happy in her independence take back her cheating ex? To see that cheat rewarded with a second chance (and likely with an Oscar to boot)? To see Brad Pitt become living embodiment of having his cake and eating it?

Our panel discussed this at length on Girls With Goals and, ultimately, the answer is no. While we love the fairytale of them getting back together, we think that Jen – with her SAG award in one hand and an ex who has just shown the world that he knows he got it wrong trying to grasp the other – already has the fairytale ending.

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