Is Lindsay Lohan Working as a Professional Escort? Yes, According to Her Dad! 7 years ago

Is Lindsay Lohan Working as a Professional Escort? Yes, According to Her Dad!

It’s no secret that Lindsay Lohan has been having some serious financial issues over the past few years, however we had no idea that things were THIS bad. According to Lindsay’s dad Michael, the troubled actress has started working as a professional escort in order to fund her lifestyle.

Celebrity gossip website reports that Michael Lohan (and other insiders) have revealed to Star Magazine that Lindsay has been working as a professional escort for a while now in order to pay off her debts and fund her shopping habit.

“She’s getting paid to date rich men,” said Michael.

“Dina (Lindsay’s mother) is pimping her out – it’s disgusting!” he added.

Oh and it’s not just Lindsay’s dad who is claiming that Lindsay is moonlighting as an escort…

“The dates last for days, and the guys pay for everything – hotel, travel costs, food, whatever – as well as jewellery and other gifts,” said a source, who is incredibly close to the actress.

Now, it’s unclear whether Lindsay is doing anything OTHER than dating rich men who like to be seen with famous women, however, sources have said that her friends are at their wits end worrying about the actress.

According to reports, one of Lindsay’s most high profile clients is the man who is third in line to the throne of Brunei.

Poor Lindsay isn't exactly having the best week ever...

We’re fairly sure it’s safe to say that poor Lindsay isn’t having a good week. As well as her own dad outing her as a professional escort, Jennifer Lawrence responded to a remark Lindsay made about her on Twitter.

Earlier this week, Jennifer beat Meryl Streep and picked up the Best Actress award at the Golden Globes. When she accepted the award, she exclaimed “I beat Meryl Streep!”

After hearing this remark, Lindsay (who worked with Meryl before) took to Twitter and said: “And no1 should ever mess with a legend, such as Meryl Streep.”

Jennifer responded to Lindsay’s tweet on David Letterman’s chat show by saying: “It was a quote from First Wives Club. Bette Midler was talking about a Golden Globe. Where she says ‘Look what it says! It says I beat Meryl!”

“I had no idea Lindsay Lohan would take it to ‘Twitterverse’ and all of a sudden I hate Meryl Streep. I wanted to make a public statement like, ‘You idiots, it’s a quote from a movie. And it’s Meryl Streep,” Jennifer added.

Lindsay? If we were you we’d just stay in bed and mark this week down as a write-off.