"It Feels So Surreal" - Rosanna Davison on Her Next Career Move 6 years ago

"It Feels So Surreal" - Rosanna Davison on Her Next Career Move

Rosanna Davison has confirmed it's all go on the production of her new cookbook, set to be released this autumn. 

The blonde beauty shared a behind-the-scenes snap on her Instagram account, saying: "Day 1 of the 5-day shoot for my new nutrition and cookbook out in the autumn!! Feels so surreal ❤️"


Recent comments made by Rosanna, 30, were interpreted as a not-so-subtle dig at fellow model Roz Purcell, who has a healthy eating blog called Natural Born Feeder and who is also planning to release a book.

Rosanna said: "What’s important to me is having my nutrition qualification, because it’s very easy to bandy about the idea of healthy eating and I would find it very difficult to take advice from somebody who’s not qualified in the area.

‘Once you study it, you realise what’s healthy and what’s not.

“So there’s nobody else out there that has my qualification and also has a world title in the beauty area, and can combine them both.

“That’s my unique selling point and there’s no-one doing that, so I’m not bothered."

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