It's a Girl For 'Girls' Actress Gaby Hoffmann 7 years ago

It's a Girl For 'Girls' Actress Gaby Hoffmann

Actress Gaby Hoffmann and her boyfriend, cinematographer Chris Dapkins, have welcomed their first child together.

The 32-year-old gave birth to a baby girl, whom they have decided to call Rosemary, at her home last month (November).


Her manager released a statement to Us Weekly. It read: “Gaby had a daughter, Rosemary, with boyfriend Chris Dapkins, born at home on November 19th… Everyone is healthy and doing great.”

Gaby is best known for playing Caroline in hit comedy Girls but you may also recognise her from Sleepless in Seattle.

Gaby Hoffmann, pictured above in Girls, welcomed her first child in November.