James Kavanagh couldn't leave the house because of his anxiety 4 months ago

James Kavanagh couldn't leave the house because of his anxiety

James Kavanagh suffered "ferocious panic attacks"

James Kavanagh has opened up about his debilitating panic attacks that stopped him from leaving his home for months. The presenter said his anxiety was so bad that it felt like the world was caving in on him.


He told The Independent: "I had nothing to panic about, that’s what was annoying me. But then ferocious panic attacks every night."

The presenter said the panic attacks were so bad that they would leave him shaking on the floor.

He shared, "They would paralyse me, I’d have to lie on the floor, some of them I’d be physically shaking.”


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Kavanagh couldn't even go for a walk without his anxiety affecting him.

"Everything would be very dizzy, I’d feel like the world was caving in, and I’d have to go back inside.”

Luckily, the influencer went to his doctor and was prescribed antidepressants to help his anxiety.

He was concerned about the impact they would have, especially due to "urban myths" but said the medication has made the world of a difference.


"I thought I was going to become a dumbed-down version of myself. I was this little mess, who was so lost and so unsure, so nervous all the time.”


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